Congress Must Protect Our Democracy In Next COVID-19 Stimulus Package

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Common Cause urges Congress to protect elections, Census, and broadband access in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic

As Congress considers another stimulus to address the COVID-19 pandemic, Common Cause and our 1.2 million members and activists are calling on Congress to ensure that our democracy and the right to vote are protected during this crisis. In a letter sent to members of Congress today, Common Cause laid out five key priorities on voting rights, the 2020 Census, and broadband access that Congress must include in the next stimulus package.

“The COVID-19 pandemic presents an unprecedented challenge to our democracy,” said Common Cause President Karen Hobert Flynn. “Congress must immediately take bold action to ensure that all Americans can have their voices heard and votes counted. The commonsense recommendations we are making to Congress are needed in the wake of this pandemic to protect our democracy and the people’s right to participate in it.”

The five key priorities that Common Cause is urging Congress to include in the next emergency stimulus are:

  • Election/voting infrastructure funding of at least $2 billion to provide to states and localities to secure and modernize elections;
  • Automatic voter registration (AVR), same-day (also known as “Election Day) registration (SDR), and online voter registration (OVR);
  • Expanded early voting, no-excuse absentee, and vote-by-mail opportunities;
  • Increased Census funding; paid sick leave for temporary census workers; and income exclusions for census workers receiving SNAP, Medicaid/CHIP, and TANF benefits.
  • Increased funding for broadband to ensure communities have access to robust and affordable connectivity

To read the letter sent to Congress, click here.

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