Common Cause launches Alliance for Emerging Power, seeks out youths advocating for change

WASHINGTON, D.C. — In conjunction with its Student Action Alliance, Common Cause today launched its Alliance for Emerging Power to empower young people to advocate for their rights and policy change. The Alliance for Emerging Power is a program that will work with young leaders using their voices and other tools to call for change. The alliance includes its Internship Program, The Student Action Alliance Democracy Fellowship, The Ambassador Program and Election Protection Fellowship. 

The alliance was created out of a need to create new ways to call for change beyond voting. It also follows decades of work to protect the rights of young people — particularly young POC — and will be a network that can fight the difficult voting laws and mis- or disinformation they face. Alliance for Emerging Power will provide leadership development and voter education, as well as work on voter mobilization and advocacy through GOTV events, text banking and skill development opportunities. 

“It is important that young people, no matter where they are, academically, geographically, or economically, have access to accurate, nonpartisan information to make informed political decisions and have ways to engage in the political process,” wrote Common Cause Director of Youth Programs Alyssa Canty in a blog released today. 

Upcoming work from the alliance includes:  

  • the next publication of Writing for a Just World — a collection of youth essays centered on improving democracy, 
  • the launch of a youth civic discourse program,  
  • hosting a new round of Democracy Fellows — a program designed to increase young POC voter turnout in college campuses and  
  • other paid opportunities and trainings. 

Supporters are encouraged to join the alliance’s email list or invest in the program here. For more information, follow the Alliance of Emerging Power on Instagram, and visit their website. 

The Common Cause Student Action Alliance helps to build the next generation of democracy leaders through advancing their advocacy skills, leadership skills and civic education. Students are equipped with the tools and hands-on training they need to hold power accountable on their campus, in their community and beyond.  

Across several states in the South, the Student Action Alliance works with HBCU students to help expand their network of mentors and peers, as well as move them up the ladder of civic engagement. In 2020, the program ensured HBCU students and Black youth across the country had the information needed to safely vote and increase their voter participation.