Common Cause Calls on Senate to Condemn Smear Campaign Against Gigi Sohn and Rapidly Confirm Her to FCC

In recent weeks, industry and big money opposition have continued to run a smear campaign to stall Gigi Sohn’s confirmation to serve as FCC commissioner. These attacks have now turned to a more bigoted and hateful nature in an effort to keep the FCC deadlocked. A deadlocked FCC is unable to advance key priorities that address the communications needs of all households. Common Cause calls on the Senate to condemn these attacks and rapidly confirm her to the FCC.

Statement of Michael Copps, Former FCC Commissioner and Common Cause Special Adviser

“It is disgraceful that the FCC has been forced into deadlocked since the beginning of the Biden administration while big money opposition continues to run a sleazy and bigoted campaign to stall Ms. Sohn’s confirmation. Industry gatekeepers will go to any lengths to smear Ms. Sohn’s name all to derail her confirmation because they know a fully functional FCC will hold them accountable for engaging in anti-consumer practices.

“Ms. Sohn is more than qualified to be a commissioner and has spent her entire career fighting for the public interest – the core mission of the FCC. She has the support of nearly 250 organizations including groups from across the political spectrum. We urge the senate to condemn the continued smear campaign against Ms. Sohn and quickly confirm her to the FCC.”