Common Cause Calls for Impeachment & Removal of President Donald J. Trump

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Outlines Nine Articles of Impeachment in New Report

(Washington, DC) – For nearly 50 years, Common Cause has been a nonpartisan advocacy organization strengthening the people’s voice in our democracy as well a good government watchdog highlighting the abuses of power by Republicans and Democrats alike. For the first time in its history, Common Cause is calling for the impeachment and removal from office of a sitting president. Common Cause documents its historic call in a new report recommending nine articles of impeachment against President Trump and the facts that support the articles.

“We have reached a tipping point where the evidence clearly shows that President Trump has committed a long list of impeachable offenses and must be removed from office,” said Common Cause president Karen Hobert Flynn. “The American people deserve a president who upholds their oath of office and puts the good of the nation before their personal interests and political vendettas. No American is above the law, least of all the President. This is no time for politics. We strongly urge all members of Congress to listen to the testimony, review the transcripts and other evidence, read the Mueller report, and do their job as a co-equal branch of government to hold this president accountable for the long and growing list of impeachable offenses. It is long past time for the President’s apologists and defenders in Congress to put their country before their party. History and the American people are watching.”

The first four articles of impeachment recommended by Common Cause in the new report relate to President Trump’s withholding hundreds of millions of dollars in military aid in order to pressure the government of Ukraine to launch an unwarranted investigation into Trump’s 2020 election rival, and former Vice President, Joe Biden and his son Hunter. The impeachable offenses tied to these acts consist of abuse of power, the solicitation of a bribe, campaign finance violations, and ultimately obstruction of justice in the President’s efforts to thwart the House Impeachment Inquiry of the Ukraine matter.

Additional recommended articles of impeachment include abuse of power and obstruction of justice related to the Russia investigation, and abuse of power for failure to adequately safeguard U.S. elections from foreign interference. Articles of impeachment are also recommended for campaign finance violations related to “hush money” payments and violations of the foreign and domestic emoluments clauses of the U.S. constitution.

The second section of the Common Cause report summarizes the Senate impeachment trial process, including the constitutional provisions, related Senate rules, past precedents and standards of proof for impeachment trials, and goes on to outline the requirements and expectations for a Senate impeachment trial of President Trump.

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