Common Cause Arizona: Dangerous Anti-Democracy Bill Vetoed by Governor Hobbs

PHOENIX — Today, Governor Katie Hobbs vetoed HB 2560, a prominent anti-voting bill that Common Cause Arizona vehemently opposed throughout the legislative session. Dubbed the Voter Privacy Violation Act, this bill would have facilitated the spread of election misinformation and endangered Arizonans by publishing ballot images and posting the personal, identifying information of all voters. 

Common Cause Arizona worked alongside dozens of grassroots voting and civil rights organizations with the Arizona Voting Rights Coalition to advocate against this bill. Program Director Jenny Guzman, joined by Alex Gulotta of All Voting Is Local, penned an op-ed arguing against the proposal in the Arizona Republic.

Statement from Common Cause Arizona Program Director Jenny Guzman

“Common Cause Arizona thanks Governor Hobbs and her team for protecting the constitutional right to privacy for all Arizona voters. Arizonans are lucky to have democracy champions like Governor Hobbs at the forefront of the policy-making process, upholding the integrity of our elections. 

The Voter Privacy Violation Act was pushed under the false guise of transparency when in reality, it was based on conspiracies and would have only served to further facilitate the rampant spread of election misinformation. We look forward to continuing our work across all sides of the aisle to ensure our democracy is protected and that voters can continue to have an elections process that is worthy of their trust.”

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