Common Cause Applauds Congressman Coffman for Signing Discharge Petition to Restore Net Neutrality

Today Congressman Mike Coffman announced he is signing the discharge petition to restore the FCC’s net neutrality rules. Congressman Coffman will be the first House republican to sign the discharge petition.

Statement of Michael Copps, former FCC Commissioner & Common Cause Special Advisor

“Common Cause applauds Congressman Coffman for signing the discharge petition to restore net neutrality. By supporting this measure, Congressman Coffman is putting the interests of his constituents and the American people ahead of monopoly cable and telecommunications providers.

“Congressman Coffman’s support for the discharge petition reflects the strong voice of the American people on where they stand on net neutrality. There is overwhelming popular support for an open internet with strong net neutrality rules, and Americans are contacting their representatives in droves to demand they sign the discharge petition.

“We urge Congressman Coffman’s republican colleagues to follow his lead and sign the discharge petition to restore net neutrality. It’s the right thing to do.”