Arizona Indicts 2020 False Electors

PHOENIX — Today, Attorney General Kris Mayes announced she would be returning indictments for the Arizona Republicans who were involved with the “fake elector” scheme during the 2020 election. Among those indicted include former AZ GOP Chair Kelli Ward, and sitting lawmakers Sen. Jake Hoffman and Sen. Anthony Kern.

Statement from Common Cause Arizona Program Director Jenny Guzman 

Today marks the start of a new chapter for the fake elector scheme that has plagued Arizona. Arizonans are still dealing with the fallout from the false electors and the Big Lie about the 2020 elections so today’s announcement. We are relieved that the investigation by Attorney General Mayes has concluded and Arizonans can now know that what comes next is accountability. These efforts by these fake electors to undermine the will of Arizona’s voters has had implications far beyond their failed attempt to overthrow the 2020 election. Arizonans are now dealing with the consequences of mis and dis-information regarding their elections, and lawmakers are pushing for legislation to undermine our elections and the voice of Arizonans at the state legislature — all to advance a political agenda that is not reflective of Arizonans.

Arizonans across the state know that the 2020 election was never stolen. Arizonans voted for now President Joe Biden, and are getting ready to make their voices heard once more this fall. How Arizonans vote is up to us and us only. No one, not even a lawmaker, has the right to overrule election results. This indictment can reassure all Arizonans that if anyone, regardless of their political affiliation, attempts to undermine our vote, consequences will follow.