Arizona: Democracy Advocates Urge Need for Clean Recount Fix

PHOENIX Today, Common Cause Arizona joined voting rights activists to call for a clean fix to the ballot recount issue in response to negotiations on a proposal that could further disenfranchise Arizonans’ voting rights. Rep. Kolodin introduced the proposal as HB2785

The ballot recount issue has caused conflict due to the Ducey administration lowering the threshold to trigger automatic recounts and because of Congress’ Electoral Count Reform Act changing important election deadlines for states. This has resulted in Arizona election officials needing an additional 18 days to comply with national deadlines.

State election officials have stated that lawmakers have until February 9 to pass a legislative solution. Democracy advocates say a clean fix would get at the heart of the timeline and ballot curing issues, without the issue being used as a vehicle for partisan gamesmanship or additional, unneeded measures that erode the rights of Arizona voters.

“It is unacceptable that election denialists are proposing harmful ‘fixes’ that come at the expense of voters,” said Jenny Guzman, Program Director for Common Cause Arizona. “Lawmakers need to focus on the issue at hand — protecting voters and our democracy. Cutting the ballot curing period should be a non-negotiable for any lawmaker who claims to prioritize counting every ballot. Voters across the state deserve a clean legislative fix that isn’t filled with unrelated projects that compromise their rights.”