316,006 Americans Send Letters to White House Supporting Lt. Col.  Alexander Vindman

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Vindman One of the First Trump Revenge/Purity Purges

(Washington) — Americans know an authentic hero when they see one. More than 316,006 people sent letters to the White House supporting Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman and condemning the act of retribution by President Donald Trump. Fresh from his impeachment “show trial” acquittal, where Republicans refused to hear first-hand from witnesses and new evidence, Trump purged Vindman out of his post in the White House at the National Security Council in one of the first visible moves of what unchecked power looks like. Trump has continued  a combination of revenge and purity purges removing many long-serving and faithful government professionals who dares to stand in his way and stand up for the rule of law.

“Lt. Col. Vindman did what he was trained by the military to do, report an illegal order rather than obey it,” said Karen Hobert Flynn, president of Common Cause. “As he said in his testimony, he had a ‘sense of duty’ to speak truthfully and trusted in the rule of law only to be let down by a Senate where courage and that same sense of duty to country was shockingly missing,” she added.

Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman was the NSC’s top Ukraine expert and was on the fated July 25th phone call where Trump tried to extort an investigation into former Vice President Biden and his son from Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky. Vindman later testified before the House about what he heard on the call.

“America is resilient, and we will come out of these dark days. When we do, Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman will be a hero, not Donald Trump and not Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell,” said Hobert Flynn.

Common Cause has delivered copies of the more than 316,006 letters of support to Lt. Col. Vindman and confirmed that the White House received them. Below is a sampling of a few comments:

“A man of great courage and integrity. He did the RIGHT thing, even when it was very scary and hard. He is the BEST this country can offer! I salute you!” Sally M., Oregon

“1970-76 USN MM1 Lt. Col. Vindman took the same oath to support and defend the Constitution of the United States that I and all servicemen, servicewomen, veterans and politicians did. Lt Col Vindman, veterans and servicepeople kept their oaths; would that our current elected politicians did. Lt. Col. Vindman, your brothers and sisters are proud of you.” JP H., Arkansas

“Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman: you are an American hero. Never doubt that your name will always be honored as an historic example of patriotism, devotion to service, moral courage, and unflinching honesty. May our children, and our children’s children, and our children’s children’s children, grow up to be just like you.” Elaine Y., Wisconsin

“Thank you for your service, for your courage, and for standing up for what it right. You are all that is good and decent about this country.” Jeff B., Illinois

“You are a true hero – not just for your service in the U.S. Army, but for your standing up for the truth to this corrupt administration. Many of my family members have served, including my grandfather (he immigrated from Austria at 14), father, brother, and niece so I know the meaning of true service to the United States. Your courage is unlimited.” Marilynn H., Pennsylvania

“As a veteran, I was and am astonished by your bravery, and I salute you.” Marc B., New Mexico