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Meet Jay…

Jay Young is the Executive Director for Common Cause Illinois. Jay joined Common Cause in October 2017. He is the chief spokesperson for the organization and is primarily responsible for fundraising, lobbying, legislative and program strategy, media appearances, and all other activities, including supervision of staff and determining budget priorities. Before joining Common Cause, Jay served as an administrator for a statewide early childhood program and worked at the state level with public and private stakeholders to develop supports for Illinois children and families with the greatest needs. Selected as one of the state’s thought leaders in building and strengthening local community collaborations, Jay has traveled all over Illinois to talk to families who no longer feel that they have a voice in their communities. Jay completed his undergraduate studies at Duke University and went on to receive a Master of Public Policy from the University of Chicago. He also holds a law degree from the University of Virginia and has over a decade of experience working as an attorney.

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