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Meet Heather…

Heather serves as the Executive Director for Common Cause New Mexico. She manages a team that includes three full-time staff, and multiple independent contractors. Her duties include policy initiatives, strategic management of campaigns, fundraising, elected official outreach, communications, media relations and administration of the organization.

Before joining Common Cause, Heather Ferguson was the paralegal to the president of the second largest defense law firm in Albuquerque.

Earlier in her career, she was the Legislative Director of Animal Protection Voters, where she guided several legislative initiatives for increased penalties for animal cruelty, animal fighting, and funding for the handling of cruelty cases by law enforcement.

She has extensive political experience, having also worked on various federal, state and municipal campaigns over the past 17 years.

She is a graduate and class valedictorian of Emerge, a national political campaign education program. Heather graduated with honors from the University California at Los Angeles with a B.A. in Biogeography.

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