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Meet Bilal…

Bilal Dabir Sekou is an Associate Professor of Political Science in Hillyer College at the University of Hartford. His research interests are race and politics, urban politics, and campaigns, elections, and voting behavior. He has published articles on social and political participation by African Americans and public attitudes toward quality and integrated education in Connecticut. Professor Sekou was born in Detroit, Michigan, receiving his high school diploma in 1984 from Murray Wright High School. He received a BS in public administration and governmental economics in 1988 from Eastern Michigan University, and earned his Ph.D. in political science in 1995 from The Ohio State University. He has been teaching at the University of Hartford since the summer of 2002. A social and racial justice scholar-activist, Sekou sits on the Board of Directors of several organizations working to promote social and political change, including Connecticut Mirror, Connecticut Citizen Action Group, Connecticut Center For A New Economy, and Common Cause Connecticut.

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