Common Cause Pennsylvania Demands Doug Mastriano Provide Full Testimony to January 6 Committee

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It was reported earlier today thatPennsylvania Republican candidate for Governor, state Senator Doug Mastriano,did not answer a single question during his less than 15-minute testimony before the nonpartisan January 6 Committee.  

Statement of Common Cause Pennsylvania Executive Director Khalif Ali 

“In Pennsylvania, we believe that anyone running for elected office must be honest and transparent with the voters. It is alarming that a candidate running for the highest office in our state won’t answer questions from the January 6 committee about his participation in the deadly January 6 attack. 

Senator Mastriano owes it to the people of Pennsylvania and to his country to speak truthfully about what he knows. We call on him to fully comply with the January 6 Committee, including providing accurate and complete answers to all questions. 

While Doug Mastriano may have refused to answer questions from the nonpartisan January 6 Committee, he will still have to answer the voters of Pennsylvania this November.  

We encourage all voters to keep asking Senator Mastriano, and every candidate on the ballot, if they will respect our freedom to vote and uphold the will of the people when all the votes are counted.”