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Common Cause Pennsylvania defends the tenets of democracy and fights for the right of every Pennsylvanian to be heard. We engage at the state and local level to empower citizens and ensure that government serves the people in the place where American democracy was created.

Through our nonpartisan, process-oriented, results-driven, and inclusive approach we have worked to make Pennsylvania’s government more honest, open, and accountable. 

Our recent actions include: 

  • Joining a lawsuit to protect voters’ personally identifying information from being used in a sham election review
  • Petitioning the court to ensure that the congressional district map is adopted in a transparent process, is drawn according to neutral and nonpartisan standards, respects communities of interest, and counts incarcerated people at their home address rather than their cells
  • Testifying before the PA Senate State Government Committee to advocate for a transparent, inclusive redistricting process that actively seeks public input and prioritizes the needs of the people – especially communities of interest – ahead of the interests of parties, candidates, or incumbents  
  • Testifying before the PA House State Government Committee to protect Pennsylvanians’ right to vote by defending Act 77, Pennsylvania’s most comprehensive election code update in 80+ years and a law for which Common Cause PA advocated
  • Testifying before the PA House Judiciary Committee to oppose the creation of judicial districts and preserve the independence of the courts

In 2022 and beyond, Common Cause PA will continue to fight for the rights of all voters to cast their ballots securely and independently, further modernize PA’s elections, hold government officials accountable, and protect the independence of the judiciary branch.

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