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Money & Influence 09.13.2022

New Results: Common Cause Releases “Our Democracy 2022” Candidate Surveys for First Election Since January 6th

“It is vitally important that every American knows where their candidates stand on protecting democracy in the wake of January 6th and its lingering threat,” said Common Cause president Karen Hobert Flynn.

Pennsylvania Supreme Court Upholds Legislative Reapportionment Commission Maps

Today the Pennsylvania Supreme Court issued an order upholding the maps drawn by the Legislative Reapportionment Commission over a number of objections.

Common Cause Pennsylvania Statement on Supreme Court’s Redistricting Decision

"Today’s decision from the Supreme Court of the United States is good news for Pennsylvanians."

Supreme Court of Pennsylvania Selects Congressional District Map

Today, the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania issued an order selecting the map proposed by the Carter plaintiffs as Pennsylvania’s congressional map for the next decade.

Representatives of Anti-Gerrymandering Groups Argue for Fair Maps at the Pennsylvania Supreme Court

Today, the Pennsylvania State Supreme Court held a hearing on Congressional Redistricting where lawyers for all the parties and amici who submitted maps for consideration in the Commonwealth Court proceeding argued about the relative merits of their maps and mapmaking processes.

Pennsylvania Reapportionment Commission Approves House and Senate Maps

This process is far from over, but we know that our democracy works best when We the People are represented by elected officials who share their values, lived experiences and priorities. Pennsylvanians deserve nothing less.

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