Supreme Court of Pennsylvania Selects Congressional District Map

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Today, the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania issued an order selecting the map proposed by the Carter plaintiffs as Pennsylvania’s congressional map for the next decade.   

Statement from Ben Geffen, attorney for the Ali Amici: 

While we are disappointed that our proposed map was not selected, we believe that the Carter plan successfully holds most of the state’s communities of interest together, includes reasonably compact districts, and likely will produce a congressional delegation roughly in line with the preferences of voters across the state.   

Fair redistricting is one of the cornerstones of a fair and representative democracy.  We appreciate the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania’s close attention to the difficult issues involved in selecting a map 

Statement from Khalif Ali, executive director of Common Cause Pennsylvania and named amici: 

We entered into this process with a clear focus on protecting communities of interest – particularly Black, Latinx, Indigenous, Asian, Pacific Islander and other communities that have historically been left out or harmed by the redistricting process.  No map is perfect, including this one, but it holds the Capitol Region whole and does not split the Hazelton/Wilkes-Barre/Scranton region which are critical to ensuring that every Pennsylvania voter has an equal opportunity to elect a candidate of their choice.   

Now that we have a congressional map, Common Cause PA, along with our partners, will launch into the next phase of our work – educating voters about their new districts and ensuring that every eligible voter, regardless of race or zip code is able to cast a ballot in the upcoming election.   

We are deeply grateful to the amazing legal team of the Public Interest Law Center and Dechert, LLP for their tireless representation and their commitment to ensuring fair representation for Pennsylvanians for the next decade.