Common Cause Demands that Cable Providers Say #NoFoxFee!

In Collaboration with Media Matters for America’s No Fox Fee Campaign

Rampant disinformation puts voters’ rights at risk, and viewers who expect their news channels to tell the truth are left misinformed. Unchecked election lies continue to harm our democracy.

Fox News’ business model is built on sowing distrust and division. While they make millions from spreading conspiracy theories, real people are alienated from family members and friends who fall for their election lies.

Cable providers Comcast, Charter, and Cox Communications can choose not to allow Fox News to raise their customers’ bills. We must demand that our cable providers do not make Americans pay the price for corporate greed and election lies.

In November Common Cause Activists delivered over 165,000 signatures to Comcast.  

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What is the Fox Fee? the cost that cable providers pass on to their customers through increased cable bills to subsidize Fox News overcharging for access to their channels.

The Fox Fee adds approximately $2 a month to your cable bill.

  • Fox already overcharges by up to 3x the market rate for access to their channels. Cable providers pass the cost onto consumers to avoid losing profit.
  • Fox News is demanding even more to cover their legal fees and loss in advertisers as a result of knowingly broadcasting election lies.
  • Even if you do not watch or support Fox News your cable bill will increase!

Take Action To Stop Fox News From Raising Your Cable Bills

Comcast hearing directly from hundreds of thousands of folks like you and me is a major step in the right direction, but our work is not done yet! Fox News is still meeting with other cable companies right now to renegotiate their fees and try to push even more costs onto consumers. We need to keep up the pressure!

Sign the Petition

Add your name to the list of over 165,000 signatures on our #NoFoxFee petition

Call Your Cable Provider

If you get your Cable from Xfinity/Comcast, Charter/Spectrum, or Cox Communications you can call and demand they say #NoFoxFee

Share Your Story

Do you think Fox News is doing their job to accurately inform the public? Have you felt alienated from family members or friends who buy into election lies online? Has Fox News’ misinformation impacted your ability to vote? We want to hear from you!

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