Political History of Bill Sizemore Now Available Online

For Immediate Release: February 27, 2008

Contact: Janice Thompson, (503) 283-1922

Political History of Bill Sizemore Now Available Online

Democracy Reform Oregon releases a 98-page history of Bill Sizemore’s political activities with a detailed compilation of campaign fundraising and election victories and losses as well as media coverage and court documentation of Sizemore’s legal difficulties, business dealings, and impacts on Oregon’s initiative process.

“Compiling a record of Sizemore’s political activities since 1993 seems timely as he re-emerges as a key player in Oregon politics who may qualify as many as six measures to the November 2008 ballot,” said Janice Thompson, executive director of Democracy Reform Oregon. “Recapping dynamics affecting petition circulation in the last 15 years also helps put Sizemore’s activities into perspective.”

The full report and a twelve page summary are available. Click here. Highlights are outlined below.

One focus of A Political History of Bill Sizemore: Profit vs. Policy Motives, Supporters and Opponents, Fair Fights or Fraudulent Tactics is an analysis of campaign contributions for and against

Sizemore’s ballot measures and 1998 gubernatorial race.

‘ See overview chart 1 on page 2 and chronological summaries on pages 3-36 and page 65.

‘ See top donor charts on pages 76-78 and 2008 initiative fundraising chart on page 72-73 as well as top donor chart through September 2007 chief petitioner reports on page 84.

Also included is an analysis of interactions between Bill Sizemore and the legislature as well as changes in the legal and regulatory environment for petition signature gathering.

‘ See pages 14, 24, 39 and 69-72 on legislative interactions and bills regulating the initiative process.

‘ See page 38 and 42-44 for discussion of court cases affecting petition circulation and information on petition validity rates.

‘ See pages 45-49 on forgery convictions and the activities of the union funded Voter Education Project.

Compilation of media coverage on Bill Sizemore’s business difficulties is included as well as news coverage and court documentation of the trial against Sizemore’s political groups filed by the Oregon Education Association and the American Federation of Teachers-Oregon that resulted in a $2.5 million judgment related to signature forgery and submission of false tax forms and campaign disclosure reports.

‘ See page 9 and pages 22-23 regarding business difficulties.

‘ See pages 49 -60 on the 2002 trial and court injunction.

‘ See pages 62, 64, 66, and 72 regarding compliance with injunction and appeal decision.

Bill Sizemore’s legal difficulties and compliance concerns continue with a Measure 26 fine, a new lawsuit, suspension of Sizemore’s signature gathering on 2008 petitions, and alleged violations of the court injunction. A compilation of comments on Sizemore from both the right and the left as well as Democracy Reform Oregon are also included.

‘ See pages 74, 75, and 83-84 for stories that will continue into 2008.

‘ See pages 86-87 for observations on Bill Sizemore and 87-97 for comments by Democracy Reform Oregon.

“To evaluate Sizemore’s current political efforts it is helpful to review his past,” said Thompson. “Our goal with this political history is to facilitate that review.”

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Note: Democracy Reform Oregon became Common Cause Oregon in August 2009.