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Common Cause Oregon is pulling together a group of dedicated and passionate interns who will help fight for democracy in this upcoming legislative session.

Here in Oregon, we have a lot to be proud of from this last election. 78% of Oregon voters supported Measure 107, which amends our constitution to allow us to set limits on campaign contributions and spending AND allows voters to know who is paying for political advertisements. In a true democracy, transparency of who is funding elections is a fundamental right.

Now we need your help. During this legislative session, our state leaders will be charged with establishing the rules that will allow us to implement the promises of Measure 107.

Join our internship program and help us send a message to our state elected leaders: we expect real campaign finance reform during this legislative process.

As an intern for Common Cause Oregon, you will steward engagement with our state leaders and learn how advocacy groups organize people power to make a difference in our political system.

We will be recruiting interns from now until the end of January, which is when we will host our first campaign meeting. The internship will last through the end of April.

If you care about getting big money out of politics and educating voters on the flaws of our current electoral system fill out this application and send it back to cnieves@commoncause.org

Common Cause Oregon 2021 Internship Application


Have questions about the internship? Contact cnieves@commoncause.org

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