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My View: Time to hold elected leaders to ethical standards

The author says that across the country, people are losing faith in the political system and in their elected officials.

Voting & Elections 10.29.2020

Election Season Is Wildfire Season. These Voters Lost Everything.

“Where the fires make it complicated is if you’ve been displaced, either because you’ve just had your home and everything destroyed … or even if you’re temporarily displaced because of so much smoke or disruption in your community,” Kate Titus, executive director of Common Cause Oregon, said. “Those folks may be registered, but they’ve got their mind on many other things right now.”

Money & Influence 10.7.2020

THE SKANNER ENDORSEMENTS: Multnomah County, Portland Voters Consider Campaign Finance Limits, Universal Preschool, Psilocybin

“Voters have always supported setting limits on campaign contributions. That’s true across political party affiliation,” Kate Titus of Common Cause Oregon testified in support of the measure. “Oregon is one of only five states that sets no limits at all on campaign contributions, has among the most expensive campaigns per capita, and ranks worst in the country for corporate cash to lawmakers.”

Ethics is the foundation for our democracy. As the country struggles to uphold ethical norms of government, it’s up to us – the voters – to insist on ethical leadership.

Money & Influence 09.27.2020

Ballot Measure 107 would authorize the Oregon State Legislature and local governments to limit political contributions and expenditures

Today we discuss Ballot Measure 107 with Kate Titus, Oregon State Director for Common Cause. Kate has been a long-time advocate for campaign finance reform. Measure 107, Campaign Finance Limits Amendment, would authorize the Oregon State Legislature and local governments to limit political contributions and expenditures. Currently, Oregon campaign finance laws allow unlimited contributions to candidates and ballot measures. Oregon is one of five states with no limits on campaign contributions.


‘They Have Lost So Much But They Will Not Lose Their Right To Vote.’ Advocates Fight To Enfranchise Americans Displaced by Wildfires

Kate Titus, executive director of Common Cause Oregon, says another problem is just the uncertainty of the period. Someone whose home has just burned down doesn’t necessarily know they will be living more than five weeks from now. “A lot of people in this chaotic situation aren’t sure yet where they will be on Election Day,” she says. (Common Cause supports the voter registration deadline being moved to as close as election day so people can re register new addresses as needed.)

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