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In 2016, Common Cause Oregon brought together a coalition of more than 30 organizations to help develop, champion and pass through the Portland City Council a small donor elections system. Open & Accountable Elections – as it’s called in Portland – is now scheduled to be up and running for the 2020 election. It will allow candidates for city office an option to forgo big special interest money, and instead fuel their campaigns with small contributions from their own constituents. Learn more.

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Many different communities are coming together behind proposed legislation (House Bill 4076 in the 2018 session), which will ensure everyday people have a bigger voice in state politics. Small Donor Elections is a powerful bill that will match small donations from Oregon residents. If it passes, Small Donor Elections will lift up the voices of everyday people in statewide elections, and help make our democracy more open and accessible to everyone. Learn more.

Hearing on small donor elections in November of 2016.

Common Cause Oregon works together with you for a democracy where each of us is represented and has a voice.


Our Impact

In 2015, Oregon became the first state to pass automatic voter registration using information at the DMV. Federal law requires states to allow people to register to vote while filling out paperwork for a driver’s license. The innovative Oregon law says that anyone eligible to vote will automatically be registered to vote with the opportunity to opt out. Prior to the elections in November of 2016, 225,000 new voters had registered through the new automatic voter registration process. Of those, nearly 100,000 voted in the 2016 elections, increasing the voting turn out rate in Oregon. Common Cause Oregon, together with organizations, worked to pass this law, removing one more barrier for low income and minority citizens to make their voice heard through their vote.

Governor Kate Brown signs new automatic voter registration law.

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