Lawmakers Poised to Pass Critical Campaign Finance Reform

After decades of advocacy, Oregon could pass campaign contribution limits for the first time

SALEM – The Oregon State Senate will hold a 12 pm public hearing today on a historic campaign finance reform bill, HB 4024, which could pass out of the legislature today.

The Oregon Legislature has never in its history passed campaign contribution limits. Pro-democracy organizations have worked for decades to develop and advance meaningful policy, only to be rebutted at the legislature. Oregon may finally be moving to put power back in the hands of the people over monied interests. 

Statement from Common Cause Oregon Executive Director Kate Titus 

“Let’s be clear. This bill started as a deal brokered by Oregon’s biggest spenders. It shows just how powerful the influence of big money is, that lawmakers feel such pressure to do their bidding.

Common Cause and Honest Elections — on behalf of a broader coalition of good government groups — negotiated this deal back off a cliff. The bill is still flawed, but it’s now strong enough to stand as a good first step toward comprehensive campaign finance reform.

This is a historic moment. Our work is not over – but Oregon is making a giant leap forward.”

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