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Money & Influence 10.7.2020

THE SKANNER ENDORSEMENTS: Multnomah County, Portland Voters Consider Campaign Finance Limits, Universal Preschool, Psilocybin

“Voters have always supported setting limits on campaign contributions. That’s true across political party affiliation,” Kate Titus of Common Cause Oregon testified in support of the measure. “Oregon is one of only five states that sets no limits at all on campaign contributions, has among the most expensive campaigns per capita, and ranks worst in the country for corporate cash to lawmakers.”

Money & Influence 09.27.2020

Ballot Measure 107 would authorize the Oregon State Legislature and local governments to limit political contributions and expenditures

Today we discuss Ballot Measure 107 with Kate Titus, Oregon State Director for Common Cause. Kate has been a long-time advocate for campaign finance reform. Measure 107, Campaign Finance Limits Amendment, would authorize the Oregon State Legislature and local governments to limit political contributions and expenditures. Currently, Oregon campaign finance laws allow unlimited contributions to candidates and ballot measures. Oregon is one of five states with no limits on campaign contributions.

Money & Influence 08.28.2020

In one of only five states with no limits on corporate contributions to candidates, a coalition of grassroots groups seeks to enshrine the ability for voters to pass campaign finance laws.

If we’re ever going to realize the full promise of this imperfect democracy, to make it truly representative and reflective of the American people, then we need to divorce power in our democracy from wealth. --- Kate Titus, executive director, Common Cause Oregon

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