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Money & Influence 10.30.2018

Governor Kate Brown goes on the record for campaign contribution limits

A week before Election Day, Governor Kate Brown has gone on the record for campaign contribution limits. Brown this week submitted a candidate questionnaire to Common Cause Oregon agreeing to endorse a state constitutional amendment that restores Oregon’s right to set campaign contribution limits and requires full disclosure, in line with what almost every other state allows.


Will Oregon Candidates Stand Up for Democracy?

As ballots go in the mail today across Oregon, voters are encouraged to use two tools -- the Democracy2018.org questionnaire and the Democracyscorecard.org website -- to see where state and federal candidates stand on democracy issues such as small dollar elections and the National Popular Vote compact.

Money & Influence 12.14.2016

Portland City Council Passes Open & Accountable Elections

The Portland city council passed “Open & Accountable Elections” today, a reform aimed at curbing special interest money in city elections and making city government more representative and accountable to the voters.


Updated Report on ALEC in Oregon Now Available


Statement on Portland Business Alliance Power Grab


National Common Cause Files IRS Whistleblower Complaint Against ALEC

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