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Voting & Elections 10.29.2020

Election Season Is Wildfire Season. These Voters Lost Everything.

“Where the fires make it complicated is if you’ve been displaced, either because you’ve just had your home and everything destroyed … or even if you’re temporarily displaced because of so much smoke or disruption in your community,” Kate Titus, executive director of Common Cause Oregon, said. “Those folks may be registered, but they’ve got their mind on many other things right now.”

Voting & Elections 06.1.2020

In time for the second Super Tuesday, lessons from the first vote-by-mail state

As executive director of Common Cause Oregon, I've been watching as many other states have struggled to hold safe and fair elections for citizens during the public health crisis. And I realize how fortunate Oregonians are to live in a state that has been voting almost entirely by mail for two decades.

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