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Catherine Turcer is the Executive Director for Common Cause Ohio. An expert on redistricting and state level campaign finance, Catherine advocates for greater transparency and more accountable government and has led state reform efforts since the mid-1990s. Before joining Common Cause Ohio in April 2012, Catherine was Ohio Citizen Action’s legislative director. During her tenure at Ohio Citizen Action she served as the director of Ohio Citizen Action’s Money in Politics Project and co-authored a number of studies tracking campaign contributions. In 2006, Catherine received the Spirit of Democracy Award from the Ohio Secretary of State. Catherine has a bachelor’s degree in gerontology and clinical psychology from Alfred University and attended the University of Connecticut for graduate work with a focus on social group work and research.

Area(s) of Expertise
  • Ethics & Accountability
  • Gerrymandering & Representation
  • Money & Influence
  • Voting & Elections
Featured Posts
‘Majority Rule Intact’ — Ohio Voting Rights Advocates Celebrate Defeat of Issue 1
20-Year Sentencing of Householder Provides Real Consequences RE: Pay-to-Play in Ohio
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