20-Year Sentencing of Householder Provides Real Consequences RE: Pay-to-Play in Ohio

COLUMBUS, OH — Today, former Ohio House Speaker Larry Householder was sentenced to 20 years by U.S. District Court Judge Timothy Black. This comes just three months after Householder was found guilty of racketeering, a result of taking over $60 million from FirstEnergy in exchange for being elected to office to pass a $1.3 billion bailout. 

The following is a statement from Common Cause Ohio executive director Catherine Turcer:

“Common Cause Ohio urges the state legislature to take steps so that Ohioans aren’t faced with a similar scandal in the near future.

To garner power and to line his own pockets, Larry Householder chose to disregard his obligations to his constituents. Behind the scenes, he coordinated a massive bailout for a powerful presence at the Ohio Statehouse, leaving Ohioans with the cost of his corruption. 

This sentencing has significant implications, both in the Buckeye State and across the country. By holding Householder accountable, it sends a message to fellow legislators and other public officials that, not only is pay-to-play wrong and illegal, there can be real consequences.  

Ohioans have been waiting for years for Larry Householder to be held accountable for his actions, but that is only the first step. Householder took advantage of a campaign finance system that allows nonprofits to operate in secret. Unless state legislators create greater transparency and shine a light on dark money, the Householder Enterprise may be adjusted and used as a playbook in the future.”  


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