‘Majority Rule Intact’ — Ohio Voting Rights Advocates Celebrate Defeat of Issue 1

COLUMBUS, OH — Tonight, Common Cause Ohio celebrates the defeat of Issue 1, an outrageous attack on our democracy and citizens’ rights from the state legislature.

Issue 1 sought to raise the threshold to pass any future changes to the Ohio Constitution from a simple majority to 60%. The measure also would have significantly raised the signature-gathering requirements to get a citizen-led initiative on the ballot, which would primarily advantage the well-funded and connected in launching successful campaigns.

For months, Common Cause Ohio educated and mobilized voters across the state to defeat the measure. The organization helped organize community events and rallies in more than 50 Ohio cities. CCO also encouraged Ohio voter advocates to help distribute 223,000 vote NO flyers across 40 counties.

Experts called the election earlier tonight.

Statement of Catherine Turcer, Common Cause Ohio Executive Director 

“Tonight’s results are a resounding victory for Ohio voters who helped stop this power grab by the state legislature and Sec. of State Frank LaRose. 

Since 1912, Ohioans have had the right to collect signatures and bring proposed constitutional amendments directly to voters. This is an important check on the state legislature, hyperpartisan politicians and special interests who did everything they could to take away that right. It was the hard work and resilience of Ohioans of all parties that prevented the destruction of a foundational right we’ve held for 110+ years.

In the coming months, Common Cause Ohio will build on this victory to create greater accountability and push for reforms that keep power in the hands of the voters. Our first step is to call for the state legislature to actually address the oversized role of money from special interests. We urge the Ohio General Assembly to pass legislation creating greater transparency in Ohio elections so that we can ‘follow the money.’ It is time to shine a light on dark money. Secret money fosters corruption. 

We are thankful to all Ohioans who saw through the partisan power grab and united across party to educate their friends and neighbors about the election. It’s because of them we were able to protect our voices and keep majority rule intact.”

Following the victory, Common Cause Ohio is also asking Congress to further voting rights reform by passing The Freedom to Vote Act and the John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act.  


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