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BREAKING: Householder, Borges found guilty

On March 9, a jury found both former Ohio House Speaker Larry Householder and former Ohio Republican Party Chairman Matt Borges guilty of scheming against Ohioans in a racketeering conspiracy. This verdict has powerful implications and reveals how essential basic disclosure is and the importance of being able to follow the money. For a detailed statement from Common Cause Ohio on the trial results, as well as what actions Ohioans can take to fight for a better transparency, click below.

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Common Cause Ohio is committed to protecting and improving voters' rights and access to the ballot in Ohio and improving transparency and accountability in government. Read about our top three priorities.

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Common Cause Ohio is a non-profit, non-partisan advocacy organization that works to strengthen public participation in our democracy and ensure that public officials and public institutions are accountable and responsive to citizens. Through a powerful combination of coalition building, lobbying and litigation, grassroots organizing, policy development, research and public education, we spotlight local, state and national issues that affect every Ohioan.

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