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Catherine Turcer
Executive Director
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Fair Districts Ohio Statement on Adoption of New Congressional Map

The Fair Districts Ohio coalition rejects the claim that the latest congressional map adopted along party lines by the Ohio Redistricting Commission meets the requirements set forth in the Ohio Constitution.

Ohio Voter Rights Coalition Asks for Fair Maps First, Then One Primary Date

“It doesn’t make sense to put the cart before the horse,” said Catherine Turcer, Common Cause Ohio Executive Director. “Scheduling an election before voting maps are in place, before districts are in place simply causes confusion. Ohio is not ready to start planning for an accurate election until we have fair maps in place.” 

GOP Members of the Ohio Redistricting Commission “Failed the Fair Districts Assignment” a Third Time

“Once again, the majority members of the Ohio Redistricting Commission have shown that they would rather fail an assignment than actually do their homework. Failing to produce fair maps isn’t an option, no matter how many times they may try."

Anti-Gerrymandering Group Provides Path Forward for Fair Maps Deadlines

Today, Fair Districts Ohio sent a letter to the Ohio Redistricting Commission asking that they deliver fair maps for the state House, Senate, and Congressional districts by the mandated deadlines.

Common Cause Ohio Supports Court’s Ruling on Gerrymandered State Maps

"Today’s ruling is clear: gerrymandered maps have no place in the state of Ohio."

Fair Districts Ohio Unveils a Model Congressional Map

“We’re proud to present a map drawn by Fair Districts advocates that ensures our congressional elections are fair, politically competitive, and free of gerrymandering,” said Catherine Turcer, Common Cause Ohio Executive Director.

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