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Common Cause Ohio Applauds Supreme Court’s Call for Fair Congressional Maps

“Ohio voters have been waiting too long for fair districts. We all deserve to participate in meaningful elections, which is why nearly 75% of Ohio voters approved putting clear rules prohibiting partisan gerrymandering in the Ohio Constitution. We are glad the Ohio Supreme Court agrees."

Common Cause Ohio Applauds Supreme Court’s Call for Improved State Voting Maps

"This is welcome news for the people of Ohio.  We have much more work to do to deliver fair and representative maps for Ohioans, and we are glad the Ohio Supreme Court agrees."

Fair Districts Coalition Makes Last-Ditch Plea to Governor DeWine, Urging that He Veto Gerrymandered Congressional Map, SB 258

Today the Fair Districts Coalition, made up of the ACLU of Ohio, Common Cause Ohio, League of Women Voters of Ohio, Ohio Council of Churches, and others, issued a letter calling on Governor DeWine to veto Substitute Senate Bill 258, passed this afternoon by the Ohio House along party-line votes

Ohio Senate Local Government and Elections Committee Advances Congressional Redistricting Plan

Today, the Ohio Senate Local Government and Elections Committee voted out a congressional redistricting plan (Senate Bill 258) along party lines. This bill appears to be heading to a vote of the full Senate later today.

Common Cause Ohio Calls for Greater Transparency and Participation in Final Leg of Redistricting

Today, Common Cause Ohio is urging the Ohio General Assembly to create a more transparent and participatory redistricting process for the drawing of congressional district maps. The call comes as the Ohio House Government Oversight Committee and the Senate Local Government and Elections Committee announced that they will hold hearings on bills that are simply placeholders and do not present actual maps.

Fair Districts Ohio Submits Contest Winning Maps to Redistricting Commission

Today, Fair District Ohio announced that they have officially submitted winners from their Fair Districts Mapping Competition to the Ohio Redistricting Commission for consideration. Each of these maps were evaluated by the Princeton Gerrymandering Project and garnered Bs — the highest grade awarded to any Ohio map so far.

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