Common Cause Ohio Supports Court’s Ruling on Gerrymandered State Maps

Columbus, OH — Earlier today, the Ohio Supreme Court ruled that the second set of Ohio House and Senate maps are gerrymandered and therefore, invalid.  The majority also noted that the court “made clear that we were invalidating the original plan, in its entirety, under Section 9(B). Yet the commission did not adopt an entirely new plan.” The Ohio Redistricting Commission was given until February 17 to redraw the state legislative voting districts for a second time. 

Statement of Common Cause Ohio Executive Director Catherine Turcer

Today’s ruling is clear: gerrymandered maps have no place in the state of Ohio.  

Now that the Ohio Redistricting Commission is back to square one, we ask that they finally stop and listen to the voters’ demands for a fair redistricting process.  

For months, our ask has been simple: have an open and public debate about our voting districts. Stop scheming behind closed doors and give the voters a real say in this process. That means announcing public hearings with ample notice, drawing maps in a transparent manner, and allowing voters adequate time to review and comment on proposed maps. 

The Ohio Redistricting Commission has shamefully refused to work in a fully bipartisan and transparent manner that respects the Ohio Constitution, Ohio voters, and our state’s highest court.  

After today’s ruling, these partisan games must come to an end. It’s time for the Ohio Redistricting Commission to do its job. 

How many tries will it take this Commission to provide a transparent redistricting process that results in fair maps? We hope the third time is the charm. 

Click here for today’s decision.