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Voting & Elections 04.29.2021

Lawmakers have the tools to safeguard voting rights and fair elections; all they need is the will

"We must not turn back the clock on voting rights," writes Bob Phillips of Common Cause NC. "Instead, let’s move forward, ensuring that every voter is able to fully participate in our elections. And when more people participate, our democracy wins."

Population growth gives North Carolina a 14th US House seat

“In order to avoid illegal map-rigging, the redistricting process in 2021 must be transparent, nonpartisan and include robust public input – and be completely free from gerrymandering,” said Common Cause North Carolina Executive Director Bob Phillips.

Voting & Elections 04.13.2021

Lawmakers discuss the protection of NC voting rights

"When people participate in democracy, voters win. We want laws that make voting easier, not harder," said Bob Phillips of Common Cause NC.

Money & Influence 04.12.2021

Wake County won’t pursue campaign finance allegations against US postmaster

“We have full confidence that the State Board of Elections will conduct a thorough investigation into these serious allegations against Mr. DeJoy, and we look forward to learning the results of that investigation when it is concluded,” said Bob Phillips of Common Cause.

North Carolina set to redraw political battle lines

“I would say anything would be better than what we do in North Carolina,” said Bob Phillips, executive director of Common Cause North Carolina.

New congressional district looms in N.C. Could the Triad get another representative in the U.S. House?

“This legislation provides lasting, nonpartisan reform that would end gerrymandering for good in North Carolina,” Phillips said. “The Fair Maps Acts would stop the practice of politicians manipulating our voting districts and it would ensure voters have a true voice in choosing their representatives.”

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