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Redistricting has started in NC. Wait, again? Here’s what to know.

Over 50 groups, led by Common Cause NC, sent a letter to lawmakers on Monday expressing concern about the budget provision and demanding an “open and transparent” redistricting process.

Voting & Elections 09.24.2023

In North Carolina, Republicans Seek More Control Over Elections

The legislation “will leave us with county and state boards that can gridlock,” said Ann Webb, the policy director for Common Cause North Carolina, which opposes the measures. “And in this political environment of hyperpartisanship, we fully expect that they will gridlock.”

What Black Voters Should Know About the Legal Battles Over Redistricting

“When the legislature draws these districts, it’s not concerned about keeping communities together. It’s not concerned about the citizens of the state. It’s concerned about drawing safe districts so that lawmakers can maintain their seats," said Tyler Daye of Common Cause NC.

Voting & Elections 09.9.2023

GOP effort to reshape state elections board passes North Carolina House

Ann Webb, the policy director for Common Cause North Carolina, said she is troubled by a nightmare scenario where voters in a large county like Mecklenburg would have to funnel into just one early voting sit

Voting & Elections 09.6.2023

A New Voter ID Requirement Has North Carolina Civil Rights Organizers on Edge

Tyler Daye, the policy and civic engagement manager at Common Cause North Carolina, a government watchdog group, echoed Lee’s concerns. He explained that because this is a major change, some education is needed.

Voting & Elections 09.5.2023

Progressive activists hold news conference opposing GOP elections bill

Republicans say their change would improve people's trust in election integrity. However, election officials have objected, saying it will create chaos and deadlock if it becomes law, harming people's faith in the integrity of elections rather than improving it.

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