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Voting & Elections 02.16.2023

N.C. Republicans introduce bill to restrict mail-in voting return dates

“I would argue that this act does the opposite of what it's intended to do by making it more confusing for voters and restricting voter's access,” said Tyler Daye, the civic engagement manager at Common Cause North Carolina.

Voting & Elections 02.15.2023

House Bill 44, which aims to repeal N.C. literacy test, introduced to N.C. House

House Bill 44 was introduced into the North Carolina General Assembly, to repeal the literacy test from the North Carolina Constitution.


Students, lawmakers push for more funding for HBCUs in North Carolina

There was a packed room at the N.C. Legislative Building in Downtown Raleigh on Wednesday as students and lawmakers collectively asked for more funding for HBCUs in the state.


NC Supreme Court agrees to rehear voter ID, gerrymandering cases after majority flips

Earls wrote that the decision to rehear the gerrymandering case constituted a “radical break with 205 years of history,” while Morgan wrote that there was no aspect of the arguments made by GOP lawmakers to rehear the voter ID case that met the court’s “historically and purposely high standards” for rehearing a case.

Advocates Warn House Rule Change Could Undermine Voters

North Carolina civil rights advocates have denounced a House rule change that could allow Republicans to override vetoes on contentious bills with little notice, saying it subverts democracy and the will of voters.

NC Republicans want Supreme Court opinions that went against them tossed

“Self-serving politicians are desperately trying to undermine the state Supreme Court’s landmark ruling against discriminatory gerrymandering. Partisan legislators want to claw power away from the people of North Carolina and go back to illegally manipulating our voting districts,” said Bob Phillips, executive director of Common Cause North Carolina.

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