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GOP district maps approved on party lines for 2024 and beyond

"We know that all voters deserve to have their vote count equally and that is not what these maps do, and it is clear that that was not the intent of the legislative leadership," said Ann Webb, policy director for Common Cause North Carolina, a government watchdog group.

NC General Assembly approve new district maps for congressional, state elections

“The only path forward for redistricting in North Carolina is for an independent citizens commission to take the power out of the hands of politicians and put it back with the people,” said Tyler Daye with Common Cause North Carolina during a rally against the maps.


North Carolina Republicans put exclamation mark on pivotal annual session with redistricting maps

The “issues that we’re seeing focused on in the legislature also do not reflect the views and priorities of most North Carolinians,” Ann Webb with Common Cause North Carolina said at a Wednesday news conference. “When you create noncompetitive legislative maps, you lose accountability to the voters.”

Voting & Elections 10.20.2023

Local organizations to host town hall in Winston-Salem on issues impacting democracy and education

Gino Nuzzolillo, the campaigns manager at Common Cause North Carolina, explained what inspired the tour. "Because so much that is so consequential has taken place in the General Assembly this year, and there has been relatively so little opportunity for members of the public through like formal hearings and formal public events to really say what's on their mind, we and these organizations we’re working with are trying to fill that void," he said.

Republican leaders propose new NC congressional districts that could strengthen GOP’s power

Open government groups such as Common Cause North Carolina criticized the mapmaking process, calling it "a total failure of transparency." "A handful of politicians drew new districts behind closed doors, keeping the public in the dark. But lawmakers still have a chance to do better," Common Cause North Carolina Executive Director Bob Phillips said

How ‘a couple of very powerful individuals’ gave themselves more power in NC budget

Ann Webb, the policy director of government watchdog group Common Cause North Carolina, said “an agency that is designed to protect the interests of the public spending, state funds should be operated in such a way that it reflects the public interest in its structure — not simply the interest of a couple of very powerful individuals.”

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