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Voting & Elections 03.28.2023

Texas Tribune: Texas may be about to scrap a voting security system it can’t replace

“ERIC was somehow bad because some people here characterized Pew as this ultraliberal foundation funding all of this ultraliberal and crazy stuff," said Julia Vaughn, executive director of Common Cause Indiana. The organization was a plaintiff in the lawsuit against the state in 2017. “[IDEA] was a political stunt. And our voter rolls continue to need attention,” Vaughn said. “We gave up on trying to convince [Indiana state officials] to join ERIC a long time ago. They proactively said, ‘We don’t want anything to do with this.’ And we’ve got other fights to take on here. And now nobody’s paying attention to the issue.”

Voting & Elections 03.23.2023

Houston Chronicle: New Texas House committee debates gun-free zones, magazine sales

The bill received pushback from gun safety advocates like Katya Ehresman, the voting rights program manager at Common Cause Texas. She said the legislation would make some voters and poll workers feel unsafe. “Texas has endured a period of increasing political violence and intimidation, especially against election workers,” Ehresman said. “HB 636 would create confusion amid existing state and federal laws and increase intimidation.”

Voting & Elections 03.23.2023

Ohio Capital Journal: Revived measure to require 60% for Ohio constitutional amendments gets first hearing

Catherine Turcer, of Common Cause Ohio, argued Huffman is attempting to “play games” with the Ohio Constitution. “It is inappropriate to cherry-pick an election in August which is likely to have poor voter turnout,” Turcer argued. “For more than 100 years, Ohioans have had the right to come together, gather enough signatures, and place a proposal on the ballot.” “Citizen-led ballot measures aren’t overused,” she added. “We haven’t had one on the ballot since 2018. It’s unnecessary to make the process more complicated and it’s disrespectful of voters.”

Voting & Elections 03.20.2023

Reuters: North Carolina urges US Supreme Court to toss major elections case

Neal Katyal, an attorney for Common Cause, a voting rights group that was among the challengers to the map, disagreed: "The court should, if at all possible, decide this question now, rather than on an emergency basis during the 2024 election cycle."

CNN: Supreme Court urged by DOJ and other parties to sidestep independent state legislature dispute

But Common Cause, a group that opposes the GOP lawmakers, disagreed with the position taken by its own side and urged the justices to decide the case. Neal Katyal, a lawyer for the group, stressed that the court should use the North Carolina case to decide the Independent State Legislature doctrine issue rather than wait until it arises again on an emergency basis “during the 2024 election cycle.”

Voting & Elections 03.18.2023

Associated Press: Election conspiracy movement grinds on as 2024 approaches

“Voters who know the truth about our elections have faith in them,” said Liz Iacobucci, election security program manager with the voter advocacy group Common Cause. “But the people who have been led into disbelief — those people can be led into other things, like Jan. 6.”

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