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Join the thousands across the country who instantly rally when there is a threat to our democracy.


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Cleveland Plain Dealer: Ohio Democrats pleased with U.S. Supreme Court’s decisions that Trump can’t withhold his financial records from investigators

“Common Cause has no doubt Congress will be able to meet the Court’s clarified standard and will finally see the financial records President Trump has been hiding for years,” said a statement from Common Cause President Karen Hobert Flynn.

Associated Press: Congress created virus aid, then reaped the benefits

“It certainly looks bad and smells bad,” said Aaron Scherb, a spokesperson for Common Cause, a watchdog group whose education arm was also approved for a loan through the program. Members of Congress should not be allowed to vote on bills in which they can personally benefit, he said.

Associated Press: Businesses tied to Oklahoma congressmen enjoy federal loans

While voting on legislation for which their companies may benefit may not be illegal, it does appear to be a conflict of interest, said Aaron Scherb, a spokesman for Common Cause, a Washington, D.C.-based nonpartisan government watchdog. “Unfortunately, members of Congress frequently vote on bills in which they can personally benefit, and in nearly all cases it’s not illegal, although it certainly looks bad and smells bad,” Scherb said. “We think it certainly should be illegal.”

Salon: House Democrats: “We may very well” impeach William Barr for "reigning terror on the rule of law"

Karen Hobert Flynn, the head of the advocacy group Common Cause, said "Congress cannot allow these abuses to stand." "Common Cause called for William Barr's impeachment in December 2019 and we renew that call today," she added. "Barr's attempted Friday night firing of Berman is yet another example of Barr's willingness to damage our nation's system of justice to protect President Trump and the Republican Party."

Atlanta Journal-Constitution: Senate ethics panel dismisses insider trading complaints against Loeffler

Beth Rotman of Common Cause said the issue highlights the need for Congress to pass a law requiring its members to park their wealth in blind trusts while they are in office. “Sen. Loeffler, together with other congresspeople, should have all of their stocks in blind trusts so that everyday Americans do not have to guess about whether their representatives are putting their own interests over the interests of their constituents,” said Rotman, the organization’s director of money in politics and ethics.

New York Times: Ann McBride Norton, First Woman to Run Common Cause, Dies at 75

When she retired from Common Cause in 1999, Archibald Cox, the Watergate prosecutor and longtime chairman of Common Cause, called her “a giant in the world of political reform,” a gifted organizer and an inspiring public speaker. “If I had her personality,” Mr. Cox said, “I would rule the world.”

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