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Join the thousands across the country who instantly rally when there is a threat to our democracy.


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Voting & Elections 07.2.2021

Bangor Daily News/Inside Sources (Op-Ed): Protecting our freedoms through the For the People Act

“Nobody’s free until everyone is free,” civil rights hero Fannie Lou Hamer said. She is right. That’s why on this Fourth of July, it’s time that we, as Americans, hold ourselves up to the values we claim in our founding documents: that all people are created equal and that “We the People” are responsible for building a more perfect union, based on justice, tranquility and liberty. It’s time we build an inclusive democracy, where everyone has a voice, can exercise their freedom to vote, and is able to participate in our democracy.

Voting & Elections 07.1.2021

Inside Sources/Tribune News Service (Op-Ed): Protecting Our Freedoms Through the For the People Act

It’s fitting to talk about this piece of legislation as we near the 245th anniversary of the signing of the Declaration of Independence because the For the People Act is, at its core, about freedom. It’s about our freedom to vote and choose the future we want to see for our families and communities; freedom from wealthy special interests corrupting our politics and setting the agenda; freedom from partisan politicians rigging the rules and gerrymandering maps to benefit themselves; freedom to hold those we put in elected office accountable with ironclad ethics laws. To protect these freedoms, the Senate should follow the House’s lead in passing the For the People Act, as well as the John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act.

Voting & Elections 06.30.2021

Washington Post: This law helped the Capitol riot happen. So why does nobody want to change it?

“Updating the Electoral Count Act would be a great addition to that bill,” said Aaron Scherb, the director of legislative affairs at Common Cause, a good-government group instrumental in pushing the For the People Act. “Because presidential elections only occur every four years, there's kind of a natural ebb and flow of what people pay attention to or what problems rise up.” 

Voting & Elections 06.25.2021

ABC News: Threats, pressures faced by poll workers pose 'existential threat to our democracy,' experts warn

"These election workers are feeling the brunt of former President Trump and various Republican allies lying about the election," said Sylvia Albert, voting and elections director for the government watchdog group Common Cause. "All of a sudden, these election workers are part of some vast conspiracy." Albert says that what election officials have described represents "a level of threat and intimidation against election officials that you just don't see in a democracy." "We're seeing election officials receive death threats, they've been doxed, they're in hiding," Albert said. The prospect of experienced election workers resigning from these already "thankless jobs," as Albert described them, raises an even more troubling question: Who will replace them?

Voting & Elections 06.22.2021

Los Angeles Times: GOP set to block Democrats’ voting-rights bill in Senate. Activists plan pressure campaign

“Our summer of mobilization and grassroots actions to pass this bill will continue. Democracy will prevail. Failure is not an option,” Karen Hobert Flynn, president of government watchdog Common Cause, said in a statement.

Voting & Elections 06.21.2021

Washington Post: Activists gear up for battle as Senate Republicans prepare to block voting rights bill

Stephen Spaulding, senior counsel with Common Cause, said Tuesday’s vote is “the first step in a concerted summer-long fight to get this bill across the finish line.” “It’s by no means over tomorrow,” he said.

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