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Minnesota Reformer (Op-Ed): Minnesota needs an independent citizen redistricting commission

Until we pass a constitutional amendment creating an independent redistricting commission, the power will always reside with partisan interests of those drawing our district voting maps. It’s time for us to get the power back. Reforms should come from us, impacted Minnesotans, not legislative or party establishment.   

Spectrum News (VIDEO): Common Cause New York director on state's ongoing redistricting process

Viewers of a certain age may remember the movie the "Never Ending Story." Well, all New Yorkers are familiar with the state's own never-ending story — redistricting. For reaction to the latest addition to this saga, Capital Tonight was joined Tuesday by Susan Lerner, executive director of Common Cause New York.

Democracy Docket: Wisconsin Governor Signs Fair Legislative Maps in Historic and Long-Awaited Victory for Voters

Common Cause Wisconsin hailed the signing of the maps, writing in a statement that “the citizens and voters of Wisconsin have prevailed.”

Bloomberg: Ballots & Boundaries - ‘Veto His Own Maps?’

“Democrats were champing at the bit to have these maps six months ago, now they wish they had a chance to get a better court-approved map,” said Jay Heck, executive director or Common Cause in Wisconsin and a backer of the legislation. “C’mon. What’s he going to do, veto his own maps?”

ProPublica/MSN: Wisconsin Picks New Legislative Maps That Would End Years of GOP Gerrymandering

Good-government groups applauded the possibility of a legislative agreement, largely because it brings about stability and a measure of political certainty until the next redistricting process, after the 2030 census. Besides, said Jay Heck, executive director of Common Cause Wisconsin, “The governor’s maps are pretty darn good.”

WAER (NPR): NYS redistricting committee could release new congressional map today

Thursday's meeting will be open to the public, but Executive Director of Common Cause New York Susan Lerner says the state’s redistricting process has largely been conducted behind closed doors. “The commission, which has held no meeting, after being charged with drawing a new congressional map, has announced that it’s going to meet on Thursday afternoon, and they’re going to vote on a map," Lerner said. "Nobody’s seen it, nobody’s made any comments about it, nobody has been able to provide feedback.” The bipartisan panel has two weeks to agree on a map to send to New York’s Democrat-controlled legislature for final approval. If they can’t agree on congressional lines, Lerner says the commission runs the risk of delaying this year’s primaries. “If the maps aren’t settled and in the hands of the boards of elections to let candidates know where the boundary lines are, we could see a situation where the primary for congress is pushed back to August, which we think is not helpful to voters," Lerner said.

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