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Join the thousands across the country who instantly rally when there is a threat to our democracy.


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Media & Democracy 06.24.2020

Salon: Trump's 2020 election app harvests intimate user data, including location: report

Yosef Getachew, Media & Democracy Program Director at Common Cause, expressed a similar sentiment.  We have a "glaring lack of privacy protections [in] this country," Getachew told Salon, pointing out that there is "no federal framework for privacy." Regarding the Trump app specifically, Getachew noted that it is "pretty invasive, and one of the things that we would like to see in a federal framework is some sort of data minimization policy, where your company or service provider is only required to collect data necessary to run the surface."

Money & Influence 05.20.2020

HuffPost: Digital Ad Makers Making Millions Off Of Trump’s Reelection Campaign

The Trump campaign is obfuscating its spending thanks to a loophole that the FEC has failed to close. Unlike payments to credit card companies, which must be itemized by individual vendor, payments to consultants who then outsource the work do not have to be broken out, said Paul Ryan, a campaign finance lawyer with Common Cause. “The lack of transparency to the public is a problem,” he said.

New York Times: Ann McBride Norton, First Woman to Run Common Cause, Dies at 75

When she retired from Common Cause in 1999, Archibald Cox, the Watergate prosecutor and longtime chairman of Common Cause, called her “a giant in the world of political reform,” a gifted organizer and an inspiring public speaker. “If I had her personality,” Mr. Cox said, “I would rule the world.”

Voting & Elections 05.6.2020

Washington Post: Ann McBride Norton, who led Common Cause and championed campaign-finance laws, dies at 75

“Saints are those who agree with your cause and will fight for it until the bitter end,” McBride observed in her mellifluous Louisiana lilt. “Sinners are those who vehemently oppose your cause and will to the day they die. People in the first two categories will never switch their opinions. It’s the savables, those caught in the middle, we all try to sway because there’s hope for them.”

Money & Influence 05.5.2020

Politico: The bizarro tale of a phantom super PAC — and our sleuthing to find it

Paul S. Ryan, a vice president for the good governance group Common Cause, said he’s seen all sorts of shenanigans in a long career immersed in campaign finance issues. But this one’s a true head-scratcher, he said. “It is odd,” Ryan said. “I’ve been doing this for 20 years and this is a first for me.”

Money & Influence 03.31.2020

Santa Fe New Mexican: Report: Oil and gas interests spent $11.5M in New Mexico politics in recent years

“The recent oil boom in New Mexico has unleashed more than an ocean of oil and gas money: It has unleashed a gusher of campaign contributions, a flurry of lobbyists offering expensive dinners and a mammoth public relations offensive financed by one of the largest and most powerful professional associations in the state,” Common Cause Executive Director Heather Ferguson said in a statement Tuesday.

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