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Join the thousands across the country who instantly rally when there is a threat to our democracy.


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Insider: Another Democratic lawmaker has violated a federal conflict-of-interest and transparency law by not disclosing a stock trade for weeks

Reasons for these violations range from lawmakers "being sloppy to just not caring about stock disclosure," said Aaron Scherb of nonpartisan government reform group Common Cause.

Insider: Nancy Pelosi's congressional stock trading ban has a massive blind trust loophole and is too broad, ethics experts warn

Aaron Scherb, senior director of legislative affairs for Common Cause, generally praised the legislation as strong, if imperfect, particularly in its proposed increases in penalties for violating the law. "It would go a long way to give more than just a slap on the wrist to people who don't comply with the STOCK Act, which should really help compliance overall," Scherb said. He also said he's glad the bill strengthens rules for all branches of the government, not just Congress, and that he's not concerned that it includes Supreme Court justices — a provision that some government reformers say will "poison" the bill among Senate Republicans who might otherwise be inclined to support it. "The House shouldn't project what might or might not happen in the Senate," he said.

Inside Sources/Tribune News Service (Op-Ed): Our Freedoms Are Under Attack

Recent headlines, from the January 6th Select Committee’s hearings to the Supreme Court rolling back the right to reproductive healthcare, profoundly implicate the freedom that many will celebrate this Independence Day. Opponents of democracy — a system that works best when it empowers people to have an equal say in decisions that affect their futures — have waged a well-coordinated attack on it. Freedom must be fortified, it must be protected at the ballot box, and it must never be taken for granted.

Yahoo!/Gannett: 'Pure insanity': Scott Perry pushed conspiracy theory that Italian satellites changed votes

"It is clear from the evidence made public by the January 6th Committee that Rep. Perry does not respect the will of the voters. No elected official should remain in office, if they do not respect the voters who put them there. We must not continue down this path," said Khalif Ali, Common Cause Pennsylvania executive director.

Insider: A Republican congressman who says Disney is sexualizing children and 'kowtowing' to Chinese Communists is also a Disney stockholder

"Even if Members of Congress aren't fully aware of their own stock portfolios, just the perception that they're taking actions to line their own pockets can be really damaging," said Aaron Scherb, senior director of legislative affairs for nonpartisan government watchdog organization Common Cause. "When Members of Congress are allowed to take votes and make other official actions that influence companies in which elected officials own stock, it looks and smells bad."

Money & Influence 05.17.2022

Public News Service: Clean Elections Groups Slam Supreme Court Ruling on Campaign Finance

Aaron Scherb, senior director of legislative affairs for Common Cause, said this means big donors can funnel huge amounts of cash directly to newly elected officials. "This decision is yet another example of the Supreme Court allowing more big money in politics and further opening the door to corruption and big moneyed interests calling the shots," Scherb contended. ... Scherb emphasized he hopes it will drum up more support for the DISCLOSE Act, which would require campaigns and groups spending money to influence politics to report more about their funding, but he is not optimistic. "We're not holding our breaths that 10 Senate Republicans would vote for something like this," Scherb acknowledged. "But if more big money is going to be spent in politics, it absolutely has to be disclosed. The public deserves to see who's trying to influence their voices and their votes."

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