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Associated Press: After census, citizens panels seek sway in redistricting

“We think our process will produce better maps -- maps that better serve the interests of voters and communities,” said Julia Vaughn, executive director of Common Cause Indiana, which helped form the citizens commission. Dan Vicuna, national redistricting manager for Common Cause, said there are efforts underway across the country “trying to shame the legislature into doing the right thing.” But if lawmakers don’t adopt citizens’ redistricting suggestions, “we think it could be more powerful to judges, who have less of a partisan stake in how these districts are drawn,” Vicuna said.

Atlanta Journal-Constitution: The majority rules: Republicans hold onto power in a changing Georgia

“We should have representation that reflects the composition of the state,” said Aunna Dennis, executive director for the government accountability organization Common Cause Georgia. “That could mean districts that look more red, more purple or more blue. That should be a reflection of the ideology of the community.”

Politico: Delayed census data kicks off flood of redistricting lawsuits

"We will see a lot of lawsuits," said Kathay Feng, the national redistricting director at the good government group Common Cause, chuckling at a question about how much litigation there will be this redistricting cycle. Redistricting, she said, “is always a breeding ground for people who are discontent with the results.”

NBC Peacock "The Week" with Joshua Johnson (VIDEO): Did Trump's Attempts to Alter the Census Result in an Undercount of Latinos?

Common Cause Redistricting & Representation Counsel Suzanne Almeida helps Joshua understand what's riding on the Census. And she explains why even though President Trump's attempts to keep undocumented people from being counted were unsuccessful, they may have left people confused or scared of answering.

NBC LX (VIDEO): Gerrymandering: How It Started and Why It's a Bigger Problem Than Ever

You’ve probably heard of gerrymandering, the term for when politicians redraw political districts to either consolidate power — or break up their opponents’ supporters. But you probably don’t know that it dates back to the earliest years of the country and was named after a district that looked like a salamander. And you also may not know how it directly affects your life. LX News host Nik Z breaks it down with Dan Vicuna of Common Cause.

The Guardian: The next major US voting rights fight is here – and Republicans are ahead

Kathay Feng, the national redistricting and representation director at Common Cause, a government watchdog group, warned that voting advocates would be closely monitoring for that kind of discrimination. Much of the America’s population growth over the last decade has come from non-white people. “Our top priority is ensuring that states that are adding congressional seats recognize the population growth fueled by communities of color in the upcoming redistricting process,” Feng said in a statement.

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