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Common Cause Lauds Virginia Redistricting Reform

We commend the Virginia Senate for passing SJ18 and strong enabling legislation to establish a redistricting commission that will end gerrymandering of congressional and state legislative districts.

Common Cause Condemns Trump Meddling with DOJ Recommendations for Roger Stone Sentencing

“The Attorney General is and has always been the attorney for our nation—the United States—not the President’s attorney. But Attorney General Barr has made clear that, first and foremost, he serves President Donald Trump’s personal and political interests and not the interests of the United States. Barr has failed to faithfully execute the most basic duty of his office. This is not how justice works in the United States. The American people expect and deserve better."


Common Cause Condemns Court Approval of T-Mobile-Sprint Merger

“We are deeply disappointed in the Court’s decision to approve the T-Mobile-Sprint merger, which will have significant consequences for consumers and competition.  All of the evidence in this proceeding shows that this merger is inherently illegal under antitrust law.  Even evidence presented at the trial revealed the companies’ executives acknowledged prices for wireless service would rise if the merger was approved.  The Court’s decision will reduce the wireless market from four to three national carriers, undoubtedly raising prices on wireless customers.  Consumers can also expect to see coordinated effects from the remaining three national wireless companies, which will result in higher prices, fewer choices, and less innovation across the board.  Low-income and marginalized communities who rely on more affordable services from T-Mobile and Sprint may find themselves displaced from wireless access."

Common Cause Joins Bipartisan Brief in Support of Michigan’s Voter-Approved Nonpartisan Redistricting Commission

Today, Common Cause joined a group of nonpartisan and bipartisan political reform organizations in filing an amicus brief at the United States Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit in support of Michigan’s nonpartisan redistricting commission in Daunt v. Benson and Michigan Republican Party v. Benson.

Senate Republicans Vote for Coverup of Trump Abuses of Power Denying Americans the Truth

Americans deserved the truth, but they got a ham-handed coverup instead. The Republican majority in the United States Senate denied the American people the truth and violated their oaths of office in a fruitless attempt to sweep Donald Trump’s illegal acts under the rug. In a cowardly and disgraceful final act to their show trial, Senate Republicans – with the notable exception of Mitt Romney - buried their heads in the sand and voted to condone President Trump’s blatant abuse of the powers of the presidency. Make no mistake about it, this was nothing more than an attempted partisan coverup for the shameless and illegal conduct of Donald Trump.

Voting & Elections 02.4.2020

Iowa Glitch Underscores Need for Paper Ballots, Low Tech Checks on Election Results, More Federal Funding  

Americans deserve secure and fair elections and caucuses as they choose their elected representatives. Last night a new app that was introduced to help report Iowa caucus results failed. The new app – which Nevada had been planning to use for its caucuses later this month - was intended to help the precinct chairs record the results from each round of voting and aggregate the results. But no results were delivered because the app failed in numerous ways.

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