With New Census Data, The Redistricting Train is Leaving the Station

For Immediate Release:

Contact: Susan Lerner

March 24, 2011


With New Census Data, The Redistricting Train is Leaving the Station

With the release of the hard data from the US Census Bureau today, redistricting begins in earnest. The differences between the projected population shift and the actual population data raise the question of whether New York City will challenge the figures, as the five NYC counties showed little population growth, with the mid-Hudson region coming out a winner.

The population drop upstate is as stark as projected.

All of this leads to the conclusion that the redistricting that will be conducted between now and early next year will be at least – and probably much more – contentious and politicized as the recent redistricting conflicts of the past. All the more reason why we need immediate reform of New York’s redistricting process. The governor’s redistricting reform bill would establish an independent redistricting process more likely to result in fair maps. There should be no further delay in the Legislature taking up and passing this important redistricting legislation.

Common Cause/NY and the Citizens Redistricting Committee it is convening will be working to develop fair maps through an open process and to advise the governor on the acceptability of the Legislature’s action and proposed districts.

The redistricting train is starting to leave the station and only hoped-for reform will allow it to run smoothly on fair, non-politicized tracks.