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Common Cause/NY & Citizens Crime Commission Condemn U.S. House Attack on Democracy and Rule of Law in New York

"It is an unprecedented and gross abuse of power for the United States House of Representatives to even contemplate interfering in a criminal proceeding by threatening to direct a duly elected, sitting District Attorney in front of a House Committee for questioning. Congress has no jurisdiction over criminal matters in New York. The Manhattan District Attorney is exercising his proper authority to pursue the facts wherever they may lead, without fear or favor. Maintaining the independence of the Office of the District Attorney is integral to the functioning of our legal system, and Members of Congress who violate that sovereignty do so in flagrant disregard for our democracy. This is not just an attack on D.A. Bragg and the Assistant District Attorneys – all of whom are public servants – but on the rule of law and American democracy itself."


Common Cause/NY: Voters Deserve Answers on Unchecked Money

"The reports out of the Buffalo News and Times Union today demonstrate an ongoing and concerning trend of unaccountable money in politics. Voters deserve transparency, not the litany of end-runs around their right to know who is supporting campaigns and campaign materials. New Yorkers shouldn't have to tolerate coy dodges from Party Leaders and the people running American Opportunity; they deserve answers."


Common Cause/NY Responds to News that Gov May Sue the Senate Over LaSalle

"Common Cause/NY is horrified to learn that Governor Hochul is contemplating hiring a litigator at taxpayer expense to violate the Constitutionally protected separation of powers. Make no mistake: doing so would be a total abuse of power, and a brutal attack on a democratically elected institution..."


Common Cause NY: Democracy Takes Time and That’s OK!

"Democracy takes time and we're pleased that all votes in Queens are now counted safely and securely through a careful hand counting process. Accurate and fair election results are worth the wait."


Common Cause Releases 2022 “Democracy Scorecard” Showing Growing Support in Congress for Democracy Reform

“Our democracy is strongest when constituents are informed about the job our elected leaders are doing in Washington,” said Susan Lerner, Common Cause New York executive director.


Common Cause/NY Statement Regarding Holding Andrew Cuomo Accountable

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