What’s Next for NY9: Redistricting

For Immediate Release:

Contact: Susan Lerner

Sept 14, 2011


What’s Next for NY9: Redistricting

District Trending Asian and Latino, Significant Loss in White Population: Potential to Draw Minority Majority District

In the wake of avid speculation about the fate of New York’s 9th Congressional District, Common Cause NY analyzed the district and determined that it could potentially be redrawn as a district trending minority majority. According to demographic data from the 2010 Census, NY 9 has seen a 10% loss in the voting age white population and a roughly 30% increase in the voting age Asian and Latino populations. Although the district is still majority white with over 300,000 white voting age residents compared to just over 200,000 non-white voting age residents, , parts of the current district could be used to draw a district that would be competitive for an Asian candidate. As is, NY9 is a barrier preventing an Asian-influence district from being drawn.

“New York’s 9th Congressional District boasts a burgeoning Asian and Latino population which cannot be ignored. The data is undeniable: the population is trending toward a minority majority district. The redistricting process must be driven by demographics, not the self-serving interests of the party apparatus,” said Susan Lerner, Executive Director of Common Cause NY.

Further data available upon request.


Common Cause is a leader in redistricting reform around the nation, closely tracking demographic changes in New York online at http://www.citizensredistrictny.org/blog/. Common Cause California wrote and helped to pass the Voters First Initiative in California in 2008 which set up the first Citizens’ Redistricting Commission in the U.S. which is currently in the process of drawing new political boundaries transparently and with public input. Common Cause Minnesota helped pass a referendum in Minneapolis that removes political parties from the redistricting process by having a judge appoint members of the redistricting commission. Common Cause strongly supported and helped pass the Fair Districts Florida initiatives in 2010 that set new rules for redrawing legislative and congressional lines which prohibit drawing districts to favor or disfavor an incumbent or political party.