Government Reform Groups Weigh in on NYC Council Raise Deal

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  • Susan Lerner
Common Cause/NY, Citizens Union, NYPIRG criticize policymaking process

NEW YORK, NY — Common Cause New York, Citizens Union, and NYPIRG issued a joint statement in anticipation of the upcoming vote to raise salaries for members of the New York City Council. The groups have endorsed the recommendations of the Independent Advisory Quadrennial Commission, but criticized the process by which the Council appears to be adopting them:

“The City Council deserves a raise but not in the dark. We’re glad to hear that the Council is poised to adopt many of the Commission’s reforms, but any discussion should be at a hearing where the public can weigh in before there’s a done deal. The policymaking process is as important as the product.”

For more information contact: Susan Lerner, Common Cause New York, 212-691-642; Dick Dadey, Citizens Union, 917-709-2896; Gene Russianoff, NYPIRG, 917-575-9434

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