Common Causers Support Balanced Approach to Budgeting

For Immediate Release:

Contact: Deanna Bitetti

May 11, 2011


Common Causers Support Balanced Approach to Budgeting

They favor revenue increases over broad cuts in services

Last week, as part of a virtual rally coordinated by the On May 12 Coalition, a coalition including human services providers, unions, and community groups that came together to oppose severe budget cuts for the city’s most vulnerable populations, we invited Common Cause NY members to send a message to Mayor Bloomberg concerning the proposed budget he announced. Many individuals were very concerned regarding cuts to human services, education, jobs, and more. The link below reflects the comments of over 100 New Yorkers, asking for a more balanced approach to budgeting that avoids the need to cut vital services.Today we will be sending these comments to the Mayor with the hope that he will review what his constituents are saying thoroughly!

“The City could be looking at a number of ways to raise revenue, but instead is choosing to cut vital services that help New Yorkers in need.,” said Susan Lerner, Executive Director of Common Cause NY. “New Yorkers understand that times of fiscal challenge require challenging solutions. However, as good government advocates, we look to our elected leaders to put all aspects of the City budget on the table for discussion and creative solutions, not just broad cuts to social services and salaries of community servants like teachers, police and fire departments.”

To view the full list of over 120 comments to the Mayor from Common Cause NY members please visit: We asked Common Causers their response to the Mayor’s budget – and this is what they had to say.

Common Cause NY is an endorsing organization of the On May 12 Coalition.