Common Cause NY Supports Passage of Proposed Int. 624-A

For Immediate Release:

Contact: Susan Lerner

October 4, 2011


Common Cause NY Supports Passage of Proposed Int. 624-A

Stating the need for proper oversight of New York City contracts

Common Cause NY today issued the attached letter indicating its strong support for Proposed Int. 624-A which would amend Local Law 35 of 1994. The measure is scheduled to be voted on by the New York City Council on Wednesday, October 5.

In the letter, Common Cause NY Executive Director Susan Lerner notes

“The explosion of the City’s use of outside contractors coupled with the fact that cost benefit analyses are seldom, if ever performed, attest to the need to amend Local Law 35 of 1994. We believe that the average New Yorker would be startled to find that it is necessary to pass a bill to insure that the City performs a cost-benefit analysis before employing outside contractors for service contracts.

Citing persistent problems with cost-over runs and even fraud relating to the City’s outside contracting, Common Cause NY asserts that the review that would be required if the measure is adopted is a good management tool required by common sense.”