Common Cause NY Statement on Redistricting Next Steps

For Immediate Release:

Contact: Susan Lerner

Feb 24, 2012


Common Cause NY Statement on Redistricting Next Steps

Common Cause NY Executive Director, Susan Lerner, today released the following statement on redistricting next steps:

New York – New Yorkers deserve real permanent reform of the redistricting process, and we welcome the opportunity for an open discussion of what a constitutional amendment should look like. We have specific recommendations which we look forward to providing for public consideration. However, reform in the future is not interchangeable with the best possible result in this cycle which, due to the Legislature’s intransigence, lies entirely with the courts. The Governor got it right when he promised to veto any gerrymandered lines. As the Perry vs. Perez decision made clear, the courts have greater discretion to draw clean electoral lines based on independent non-partisan principles if the Governor does not approve the Legislature’s plan. The Governor has repeatedly called for a better process this year and a better product in the future: he can have both. Vetoing the lines and letting the courts handle the process is the best possible outcome for this redistricting cycle. New Yorkers have been betrayed by every Assemblymember and Senator who promised to establish an independent redistricting commission and didn’t. The Governor can restore their faith by keeping his promise.